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What We Do

Since 1992, Andreae & Associates has provided strategic relations consulting, high-end business intelligence and political risk management counsel. When supporting the commercial interests of an international entity across such a broad framework, it is important to create a seamless and coordinated approach that will both support and protect the ultimate goals of the client. Accordingly, we approach each client’s needs in a holistic fashion, taking into account the full range of our clients’ objectives, and tailoring our services to add value to the client’s global operations.

Strategic Relationships 

In an ideal world, our clients would seek to create a full-scale government affairs office. When this is not possible, Andreae & Associates functions for our clients as a “virtual” office to engage and educate business and government decision-makers in a proactive manner. International cities, such as London, Brussels, Doha and Washington DC – each with its high-profile markets – influence political and commercial decision-makers around the world, and the global citizen community at large. Andreae & Associates has the capability to integrate our clients’ needs into this global network through strategic partnerships. Not only will we add value to the client’s bottom line by organizing these relationships, but we also provide counsel to ensure that our clients maximize the relationships they currently employ.

  • Inventory current political and commercial resources and relationships
  • Identify key decision makers and facilitate face-to-face meetings
  • Build government and commercial alliances, ultimately identifying a public champion for the client
  • Monitor relevant legislation
  • Weekly press briefs that summarize recent press coverage of the client and/or subject matter
  • Facilitate opportunities for opinion editorials in trade journals
  • Engage with industry experts through interviews and press conferences
  • Develop relationships with Washington DC thank tanks
  • Public outreach and brand creation
  • Provide full use of our offices and conference facilities for client management

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High-end Business Intelligence 

Andreae & Associates has worked with clients across a broad range of sectors: Defense, Oil and Gas, Health Care, Education, Tourism, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and Entertainment, just to name a few. We have learned that regardless of the industry or region, our clients benefit from sound commercial principles based on our knowledge of international trade flows and the global business cycle. We provide a wide range of Risk Advisory and Financial Advisory services, adaptable to any region of the world, that can help clients respond to immediate needs as well as put in place the strategies for the longer term.

  • In-bound and out-bound business consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • Business development and promotion
  • Contract management and dispute resolution
  • International sales representation

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Market Specific Due Diligence 

Gaining a sense of our clients’ strengths and weaknesses is critical. But in a vacuum this understanding provides only a limited view. Andreae and Associates seeks to perform due diligence on competitors and partners as well, to determine how strong a position they hold and what likely leverage they might seek to exercise. This service is particularly valuable for our clients that seek to enter new global markets. And in the case of our United States Government contractor clients, we will provide expert council and support to navigate through the FARs process, not only to understand the law but also to appreciate the mindset of the contracting officer and any other interested parties.

  • Market entry strategies and services
  • Feasibility studies and franchise development
  • Business to business matchmaking services
  • Provide strategic insights from within the government contracting paradigm
  • Logistical contract compliance and contract/proposal drafting support
  • Political and commercial due diligence on current and potential competitors and partners

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Political Risk Management 

Political fallout not only affects our clients’ current business in the US and global markets, but often reaches into the future with dramatic impact on a firm’s economic forecast. Andreae & Associates consults our clients on how to interpret and anticipate the effect that political activity will have on the bottom line.

  • Guide clients through review by the Council on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) and engage corresponding decision-makers where necessary
  • Detailed analysis of how elections and legislation will affect the client’s bottom line
  • Locate potential funding and corporate partners for the client to facilitate access to the target market

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