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Andreae & Associates’ approach to international business and government consulting centers on the idea that our clients can establish a firm presence in any market and use the ensuing relationships to enhance the commercial value of their transactions throughout the region and rest of the world. This philosophy has served our clients – both government and corporate – in numerous industries and across almost every continent. Our success throughout such a wide range of industries and countries is due primarily to our ability to adapt a market-driven model to our clients’ political and commercial needs. This model is based on market and quantitative analysis to determine current and future industry trends, product strategy, product positioning, and program support. With the business model in place, we then counsel our clients in identifying and addressing key decision-makers within the market, with the goal of leveraging those relationships to ultimately strengthen the client’s market position. Please click on a world region below to see examples of our engagements.

Client Engagements

Middle East 

  • retained by a UAE-based port operator to facilitate the acquisition and sale of $7 billion worth of US assets.
  • managed the commercial/regulatory issues surrounding roll-out of a new global brand for a Dubai client, and supported commercial development to ensure that adequate resources would be available for product launch
  • provided matchmaking services and other business development for multi-billion dollar Doha real estate investment fund
  • consulted the Department of Defense on information operations throughout Iraq and the Middle East
  • helped organize congressional delegation visits to the Persian Gulf region including Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Yemen
  • leveraged US-Saudi relations to support a client’s efforts to reclaim $150 million in payment from the Saudi Government
  • worked with post war reconstruction projects in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq
  • assisted UAE- based satellite services company with business expansion in North America
  • provided market entry and sales assistance for alternative and renewable energy companies
  • acted as development agent for food and beverage franchise entering the GCC market

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  • represented a major pharmaceutical company in China and Japan by working with USTR, Commerce Department and State Department to identify political leverage for brand protection against IPR challenges
  •    developed an entry strategy for a multi-national corporation that sought to invest $9 billion in the Chinese energy market    provided political counsel for the Government of the Republic of Korea as political leaders engaged US policy-makers in support of a presidential visit.    assisted US industry with product sourcing and manufacturing in the People’s Republic of China, and Korea

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South Asia 

  • provided business development and government contracting strategies to a vehicle retro-fitter based in Thailand
  • a small investment bank in NY retained Andreae & Associates to develop an investment strategy in support of commercial vehicle leasing initiative in Thailand
  • working for an energy company, Andreae & Associates developed a political and commercial strategy surrounding plans to build a large gas processing facility

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  • prepared political parties in post-apartheid South Africa for the inaugural national elections
  • represented a global energy company with significant investment in Nigeria in an effort to encourage US policy-makers to more fully address human rights issues
  • helped a multi-national client to fully understand various political leadership opponents and role they played with energy to an effort to create a pipeline running from its home country Israel
  • counseled a client with investment opportunities in Libya regarding the Iran Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA) and evaluated its effect both legally and commercially
  • contracted by a foreign client to evaluate the ethical implications of its relationship with the Sudanese government in light of then-current events
  • worked with the Office of Foreign Assets Control to remove a client – a Liberian national – from the Specially Designated Nationals list in order to protect the client’s interest in the Liberian Logging and Forestry industry
  • Worked with USAID, World Bank procurement and construction projects

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Eastern Europe 

  • trained political parties for USAID in support of initial elections in post-communist Russia
  • represented an international pharmaceutical company in support of its strategy to secure its intellectual property rights in Russia by bolstering a high-level, departmental relationship between the US and Russia
  • a major energy company contracted Andreae & Associates to provide support in protecting $1.3 billion worth of assets from being fraudulently distributed out of bankruptcy
  • counseled a client with $4 billion in Siberian-based interests to create understanding of how the environmental sensitivities surrounding its investments would impact the company’s global operations
  • retained by a Eurasian Gas and Energy firm to provide US Government Affairs support in anticipation of its entrance into the US market
  • worked in support of a Ukrainian energy project to increase transparency surrounding a major pipeline by creating leverage for Western and European actors

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Western Europe 

  • engaged the Turkish government surrounding a legal challenge to our client’s intellectual property rights.
  • counseled a British real estate developer on how to engage local and state government in Greece surrounding a $500 million business deal on the island of Crete
  • trained political parties for two years in Bulgaria and Romania on behalf of USAID Democracy and Governance section with the goal of supporting institution building of the basic political process at the federal level
  • worked to ensure fair treatment and create on-going political capacity for a client who sought to participate in the privatization of a major state asset in Spain
  • consulted a Helsinki-based telecoms group with the goal of opening trans-continental internet channels

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Latin America 

  • investigated a potential partner relationship in Mexico for a major commercial deal, ultimately advising the client to sever ties due to a pending US investigation
  • supported the political and press activity surrounding a US client’s new facility in Mexico with an effort to demonstrate economic commitment to the Mexican government
  • retained by a US-based client to prepare a government affairs strategy for the introduction of a new product into Brazil
  • analyzed the Brazilian political landscape and, within the context of international environmental concerns, associated with the development and operation of a new facility
  • managed the public outreach for a major energy company in Venezuela using the local communities to carry the client’s messages of corporate responsibility back to the larger world community
  • represented an association comprised of US business in Colombia for three years, specifically focusing on “Plan Colombia” legislation in the US
  • worked with US dairy industry to expand exports into Latin America

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North America 

  • dealt with a multi-country energy project with substantial local, federal and inter-country dynamics on an $8 billion gas pipeline that ran from Alaska through Canada to the US
  • extensive work with USAID, US Department of State, US Army Corps of Engineers and World Bank projects worldwide

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